...美国科罗拉多州利弗莫尔创立了Benton Management Resources公司,著有《CEO的才能》(CEOMaterial: How to Be a Leader in Any Organization,McGraw-Hill出版社2009年出版)。
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...known as an escalation of commitment, and in nearly everyacademic case study on the demise of a former industry leader, it played amajor role. The story of the British music company HMV—whose managing...
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... describe highly complex and diverse behavioral patterns in a culture and tomodel how likely an individual leader is to align with and shape that culture. Through research and practical experience,the...
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...。他也是《创造伟大选择:领导者的整合思维指南》(Creating Great Choices: A Leader's Guide to Integrative Thinking,哈佛商业评论出版社2017年出版)一书合著者。
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... most basic, consists of getting things done through others, then persuasion is one of the leader’s essential tools. Many executives have assumed that this tool is beyond their grasp, available only ...
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Stitch Fix公司CEO:让个人风格走向大众市场
...的体验仍和20世纪70年代甚至50年代基本相同,这件事总是引起我的思考。我会设想它们将如何改变,也希望参与到这种变革中。 离开Parthenon之后,我在2007年来到风投公司Leader Ventures做分析员,当时正值iPhone问世。同时,在Netflix崛起期间,我研究了其竞争对手Blockbuster的运营,两者分别主导着影碟的非实体销售和实体销售。这是一个经典案例。双方竞争的黄金点...
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Stitch Fix公司CEO:传统零售商想要模仿,是不可能的
...的体验仍和20世纪70年代甚至50年代基本相同,这件事总是引起我的思考。我会设想它们将如何改变,也希望参与到这种变革中。 离开Parthenon之后,我在2007年来到风投公司Leader Ventures做分析员,当时正值iPhone问世。同时,在Netflix崛起期间,我研究了其竞争对手Blockbuster的运营,两者分别主导着影碟的非实体销售和实体销售。这是一个经典案例。双方竞争的黄金点...
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SPOTLIGHT The leader’s Calendar Chief executives have tremendousresources at their disposal, but they face an acute scarcity in one criticalarea: time. Drawing on an in-depth 12-year study, this ...
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... article Duckworth, the author ofthe best seller Grit, and Lee, a clinician and health care leader, describehealth care’s new model of organizational grit. It begins with hiring peoplewith grit—who ...
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ENGIE 中国:工业4.0 时代的组织战略创新
...平台体系,也有针对性的教练项目,由更高端的外部资源提供,不做直接的问题指导,而是通过激发来提升学员能力,增强学员领导力。 而针对更高的领导层级,ENGIE 集团则打造出了全球领导力培养计划(Leader for Tomorrow),该培养计划共分为三层,由外部专家进行360 度评估:第三层由各业务单元提名并进行培养;而第二层和第一层则均出自集团总部,尤其是第一层人才,被视为集团未来的高管...
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