... the best candidate will come from; they shed assumptions aboutinsiders and outsiders and may even consider a leader a few levels below theCEO. They go deep to understand which person is the best fit ...
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...还是温室里的花朵,不需要太多对外。在阿里健康我学会了怎么做leader,阿里健康首先是一个强监管行业,其次是香港上市公司,集团给我钱...不在那个位置你不好理解,有一些话我在阿里健康里面深刻理解了,比如“Leader是孤独的”。 争夺50% 《财经》:目前来看饿了么的最大目标是... 王磊:现在有22个人向我汇报,15个是原来饿了么的业务leader。创始人里面张旭豪是董事长,康嘉在一线,负责大中台和蜂鸟业务...
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...教授、组织行为学教授。她的新书《像领导者一样行动和思考》 (Act Like a Leader, Think Like a Leader)将于2015年2月由哈佛商业评论出版社出版。
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... create and build its own venture. Speech-to-text was the easy part: SRI hadlaunched Nuance, a world leader in speech solutions. The hard part wasanalyzing words so as to understand the user’s intent ...
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... You and What to do About It(HBR出版社,2015) 5. 艾米妮亚·伊瓦拉(Herminia Ibarra)是英士国际商学院教授,著有畅销书Think Like a Leader, Act Like a Leader (HBR出版社,2015) 6. 弗雷德·基尔(Fred Kiel)明尼阿波利斯领导力咨询公司KRW国际的联合创始人,著有Return on ...
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.... If a team is made up of groups with different views abouttheir relative power, the leader should connect frequently with those who arefarthest away and emphasize unity. • Process. Meeting processes ...
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...评定》 Why More and More Companies Are DitchingPerformance Ratings 《领导者应当花时间思考的5个战略问题》 5 Strategy Questions Every Leader ShouldMake Time For 《领导者究竟做什么》 What Leaders Really Do 《让自己对二手压力免疫》 Make Yourself ...
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...,我们需要花更多时间进行向上管理和处理人际关系——并且使用一些可能并非符合直觉的技巧。埃米尼娅·伊巴拉(Herminia Ibarra)在《像领导者那样行动和思考》(Act Like Leader, Think Like a Leader)中强调如果我们想成长,就需要尝试不同类型的领导风格和行为——保持本真性(authenticity)可能是待在舒适区的借口。实际上,领导力经常会让人感到不舒服。 ...
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...(the benefits accrued by networking and politicking);management span(the number of direct reports per leader);and salary step-up(the financial benefits of rising in the hierarchy). HBR Reprint R1902E...
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...。 埃米尼亚·伊巴拉是伦敦商学院CharlesHandy组织行为学教席教授,著有《像领导者那样行动和思考》(Act Like Leader, ThinkLike a Leader)以及《职业身份:非常规策略重塑你的事业》(Working Identity: Unconventional Strategies for Reinventing YourCareer)。安妮·斯库拉是培训高层领导者...
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